Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chained Freedom

It's a new beginning for me and the world as I open up the first public site for Chained Freedom. Chained Freedom is a series that spans over multiple game in different worlds. Each game following its predecessor will however, have something to do with the past games. The over all story comes together as the series ends and sets up the road for the Rebirth Drive series.

I shall update this Blog as often as something nice is made and will keep you all updated on what is to come later on. Thank you for your time! ^_^

Harii Lancet~
A.K.A.: Rion~


boos405 said...

Hooray! :P Chain Freedomn is awesome! I can't wait to finally read your plot Railkune. :P

Eleferiona said...

That's kind of similiar to what i'm doing for my game...I pray you're not using time travel in yours :(

Railkune said...

Nah, not in this story lol. You're safe.