Monday, December 28, 2009

New Battler

I actually just got done with this one. His name is Apollo Ring. He's a guardian to this church facility that opposes Altima. Anyways, yea, His colors aren't too bad. I may stick with these. Now all I need to worry about is the shading and making the battler look for more fluent. If I could use a pencil for this is would be oh so much easier lol. For now, I have to use my mouse to make these. Anyways, take a look at the battler:

He's a twin gunner by the way. Again, the same as Harii, give me your input and tell me what you guys think should be fixed. ANYTHING, obvious things and all. Tell me so I can get to working.

I've got another one for you all. This time it's a female character. She comes from one of the most advanced places on the planet and tends to rely on the past styles of fighting rather than upgrading. Her name is Moya Fricas.

I actually like her pose a lot. No, it's not a injured pose. This is her normal stance. She is also the fastest in the group besides Apollo. She uses her claws and bladed chains in battle too. Well, enjoy, and comment on what should be added/ fixed.

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